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Training inclusive leaders

Headway believes in helping leaders create a more inclusive and equitable workplace through a series of micro-training sessions. Each session takes 60-90 minutes and includes time for leaders to practice their new skill through exercises and demonstrations. Clients can choose which sessions they want to offer, although it’s often best to start with the initial discussion so that leadership can hear what makes Headway’s approach different, what evidence supports the techniques we teach and how the program can add value to the organization.  
This kind of training works particularly well with executives and managers because it requires a short commitment of time and each session is targeted to address one very specific issue, with practical skills and techniques that leaders can start to use immediately. As leaders begin to use the new skills they’ve learned, they see the value of this kind of program and often become evangelists for DEIB initiatives. They walk away from the sessions with tangible, practical methods to use over the course of their business day, rather than hearing broad statements about why they should support DEIB programs.  

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